Getting Listed on Hedgehogs United


Hedgehogs United offers unrestricted listing of breeders of hedgehogs and sellers of hedgehog accessories for a nominal yearly fee. You can have your ad posted to Hedgehogs United for $10/year or $40/5 years.

Your ad will include:

If you are interested in having your ad on Hedgehog United please fill out the information following form and email it to After your application is received and approved you will receive a paypal invoice to pay for the service. Once payment is received your post should go live within three business days of payments received. If you have questions about the ad post please email us at

Application form

Contact name:
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Contact Phone:
Contact Email:
Seller Listing (accessories) or Breeder listing (hedgehogs)?:
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Attach one photo or provide a URL to photo(s) you would like used. 1 Photo is included. Additional photos are $2/4
Are you listing for 1 year ($10) of 5 years ($40)?

Hedgehogs United is an affiliate of First Harmony Farms