Recommended Veterinarians from Hedgehogs United


We are sending out the call to other breeders and hedgehog owners to send us the information of different veterinarians that they have used to care for their hedgehogs who are willing to see and have hedgehog medicine knowledge. Please send us their information at!

Remember, if you live near a college of veterinary medicine, in many cases the community practice areas of the teaching hospital often have an exotic animals service with exotic animal veterinarians who are authorities in animals like hedgehogs, rabbits, chinchillas and others.

State Veterinarian name Clinic Name Clinic Address Clinic Phone Number Comments/Info
Illinois Stuart and Lynette VandeVenter, DVM Animal Care Clinic 1616 N Main Street, Princeton, IL 61356 815-875-4419 In addition to being Veterinarians, Dr. Stuart and Lynette are breeders and hedgehog Enthusiasts
Texas Christina Fletcher, DVM Animal Medical of Wolfforth 821 U.S. 62/82 Wolfforth, TX 79382 806-833-4422 Reccomended by Happy Hogs

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